Before & After: Cavalier King Charles Gets Second Chance After Extensive Surgery to Remove Tumors

An adorable 12-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel came to us at San Jose Animal Care & Services with multiple problems.

Cavalier King Charles - Mass Removal (2 of 4)


The most obvious problem was the large mass that was on the front right of her chest. Though her long locks covered and concealed much of her body, we also found another mass on her belly and a large umbilical hernia. Like many Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, this little girl also had a heart murmur.

A rescue organization saw past her age, heart murmur, lumps and bumps, and agreed to find her a forever home.

Cavalier King Charles - Mass Removal (1 of 4)

Before – Large Mass with Cotton Tip Applicator for Size Comparison


Dr. Ostermann (left) in surgery with a veterinary student assisting (right)











I took her to surgery to spay her (yet another issue that needed to be addressed) as well as to remove the multiple masses and fix her hernia.

She and I (and a veterinary student assistant) spent a great deal of time in surgery, but ultimately we successfully removed the two masses, spayed her, and repaired her umbilical hernia!


In surgery, removing the large mass

Cavalier King Charles - Mass Removal (3 of 4)

After – 3 incisions, 4 problems addressed













The masses were sent to a laboratory to determine what they were and what her prognosis would be.

Cavalier King Charles - Mass Removal (4 of 4)

After – recovering nicely on a warm bed with pain medication

The results were mostly good.

The small mass was a benign mixed tumor that was completely removed and not likely to come back. The larger mass was a mammary adenocarcinoma (mammary tumor) that was completely removed but showed evidence that it might regrow in the future. I was definitely concerned about this given how large and involved the mass was. However, I feel that what I did gave her a new lease on life and she may enjoy years to come in her future forever home!

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