RESCUE SPOTLIGHT: Atticus the Great Dane Rescued by St. Francis

One morning at the shelter I saw a dog that was written on the vet board for “drinking excessively, needed second water bowl.”

The vet board is a way for shelter staff and volunteers to communicate to the veterinarians that an animal may need medical attention. Drinking excessively is referred to as polydipsia in the veterinary field and can be associated with a plethora of medical issues such as urinary tract infections, pyometra, kidney disease, Cushing’s, Diabetes and more!

Without knowing anything more, these diseases and their manifestations started flowing through my head as I walked to the kennel where the dog was being housed.

As I walked up to meet Atticus, I smiled.

I was so happy to see that the dog that needed a second water bowl was nothing smaller than a Great Dane. His large stature made his kennel seem small and cramped, which was exaggerated by the comparative small stature of the 5-pound chihuahua next door.

Atticus the Great Dane and his 5-pound Chihuahua Neighbor

Atticus the Great Dane and his 5-pound Chihuahua Neighbor

While it was possible that he genuinely was drinking an excessive amount of water, given that we rarely have dogs of his size in the shelter, my medical record listed a few of the possible diseases he might have, but also included that it might just be the normal intake of water for a dog his size. It would be hard to tell without actually measuring how much water he was drinking in comparison to his weight.

When he was examined by the medical team, a few minor (non-urgent) concerns were noted and he was placed on our shelter’s rescue list so that rescue groups could take him out of the shelter while he was waiting to get those minor concerns addressed. I figured there was bound to be a rescue group that would find him irresistible, even as an older Great Dane.

After all, who could resist that face?!

Atticus the Great Dane

Atticus the Great Dane

I was right! St. Francis Animal Protection Society came to the rescue and arranged for Atticus to be placed into a loving foster home. But not just any foster home, a foster home with prior experience with this wonderful breed and a veterinarian in the family!

With a rescue group secured, before he left the shelter, the San Jose Animal Care Center neutered Atticus, had bloodwork performed on him, and provided St. Francis with financial support (provided by the Guardian Angel Program) to help them treat Atticus’s medical concerns!

We couldn’t be happier for Atticus and thankful for rescue organizations like St. Francis for all they do to help the animals!

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