Not Just Any Vet…A Shelter Vet

Since I made the decision back in 2007 to leave a promising career in psychology behind to become a veterinarian, I knew that the type of veterinarian I wanted to be was not the type that most of us think about — the family pet’s doctor, who is there with you from puppy or kitten-hood until your beloved companion takes his or her final breaths. That was not where I belonged.

I wanted to be the invisible person who takes care of your beloved companion when they are lost, the person who nurtures your pet until you can be reunited again. I also wanted to be the beginning of a beautiful relationship that you have with your newly adopted friend. I wanted to be the person that helped bring you together so that you can share and support one another through the ups and downs that come your way over the years of your lives together.

Most people don’t know that shelter veterinarians exist or what their role entails, but I wanted to become one as I saw it as a place that I could make a significant impact on the lives of thousands of animals (and people) every year.

When I graduated from veterinary school at UC Davis’ world renowned School of Veterinary Medicine, I set out to bring my dreams to fruition. And I have!

I invite you to jump on and take a ride with me on the roller coaster that is shelter medicine!

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