Broozer – Dog and Owner Attacked by Another Dog, Now Reunited

Meet Broozer! Broozer and his owner were attacked by another dog. While his owner ended up in the hospital, Broozer ended up at the San Jose Animal Care Center as an emergency.

Broozer E-Collar


Despite sustaining a open fracture to the tibia on his left hind leg along with some other, more superficial injuries, Broozer was super sweet to us when he showed up. He allowed us to give him pain medicine and splint his broken leg without any resistance.

Broozer Broken Bone

Broozer’s exposed broken bone.

Broozer stayed with us for days and was always a happy camper, despite his injuries. I can’t say I was pleased when I got a call on a Saturday afternoon informing me that he had chewed off his splint, but nevertheless, I made a special trip to the shelter after a long day in surgery at HSSV in order to provide him a new splint (as well as an e-collar).

Broozer Splint

Broozer and his splint (that is about to be replaced because it’s falling off).

Broozer’s owner was not in a position to afford the thousands of dollars it would cost for Broozer’s leg to be repaired. Given what the pair had been through, the shelter offered an alternative, which we would do at no cost to the owner – amputate the broken leg. The owner also agreed to let us neuter Broozer.

Sure enough, Broozer went in for surgery and I successfully amputated his leg. Broozer recovered smoothly from anesthesia on a warm comfy bed.

Broozer - Waking Up

Broozer waking up from anesthesia on a warm comfy bed.

A soaker catheter was left in the wound. This catheter is a tube with tiny holes in it that make it possible for us to administer local anesthetic (pain control) to the surgery site as it heals, making the patient more comfortable during recovery.

Broozer End of Surgery

Broozer post-surgery with a soaker catheter in place.

Broozer did great overnight while recovering at Dr. Tyson’s house, and he came in the next morning walking perfectly as a tri-pawd (see video below!).

Broozer - Post Op 1

Broozer – 12 hours post-op

Broozer spent a few extra days with us while his wound healed, and the soaker catheter remained in place, but ultimately he was reunited with his owner and went home a happy camper, albeit with one less leg.

Broozer - Post-Op 2

Broozer – Healed and ready to go HOME!

We are so glad that Broozer and his owner survived the unfortunate attack, and also that we were able to make it possible for Broozer to be reunited with his owner!

Here he is, happily making is way around the shelter!

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