An Unlikely Pair – Cat Breaks Through Cage to Snuggle with Kitten

Yesterday a vet tech alerted me to the fact that an adult cat had broken through a cage divider and was now in the same cage as a kitten. As I jumped up to address the issue, the tech added, “But now they’re best buddies!”

In disbelief I headed to their kennel to discover that they had, in fact, become fast friends (see video below).

The adult male cat, who had been recovering from an eye surgery and is waiting to move to the adoption gallery, decided that the male kitten next door, who had been recovering from an abscess and had just been neutered earlier that day, needed some company. The kitten clearly loved having the cat around and the cat was very tolerant of the kitten.

Given that they both tested negative for FeLV and FIV, we decided to let them stay friends for now, so we removed the divider between their kennels, giving them one large kennel to share. I am hoping that I can get them moved to the same cage in the adoption gallery too and maybe they can find their forever home together. 🙂

Wouldn’t that be cute?!

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