Before & After – Mass Removal and Grooming Brought Out the Happy in This Poodle Mix


Take one look at this 3 year old Poodle mix and you may wonder how we ever decided he was a Poodle mix. His coat was so overcome with mats from not being groomed that he moved as if it was burdensome, perhaps even painful. Yet you could see that with the subtle wag of his tail, he wanted so much to be loved.

You might not be able to see it, but this dog had a large, pendulous mass hanging down over his right eye (it might look like an ear to you). His matted coat obscured much of the mass, but it was sizable and clearly in the way.

Before Mass Removal and Grooming


Some dog owners or animal shelters see a dog like this and think that the mass is surely cancer and euthanize without doing anything more to help the dog. Fortunately the San Jose Animal Care Center is not like that. This dog was taken to surgery to be neutered and have the mass removed from his head. Following surgery, the remainder of his matted coat was groomed away so that he could start anew with a fresh coat.

The surgery went smoothly, and we immediately saw a different dog!

After Mass Removal and Grooming

After Mass Removal and Grooming

After Mass Removal and Grooming

After Mass Removal and Grooming

His personality had changed too! No longer burdened by his long-overgrown and matted coat, he had the freedom to wiggle his body and show his excitement without being uncomfortable.

Just because his mass was removed and he was groomed doesn’t mean he’s out of the woods yet. Masses like the one on this dog’s head could be benign or malignant. We submitted the mass to the laboratory for analysis and waited eagerly to get the results.

The results were that the mass was a benign tumor called a trichoblastoma. It was completely removed and not likely to recur. With those results in hand, this dog was cleared to be put up for adoption and has since found his forever home!

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