Lab Mix with Degloving Injury Gets Second Chance with Three Legs

When Chance first came into the San Jose Animal Care Center (SJACC), it was evident that his left hind leg was badly injured, reportedly after he was hit by a car. Chance had suffered a degloving injury, which means that the skin was missing from his leg, leaving the bones in that area exposed. To make things worse, the bones in the affected area of Chance’s leg were not attached and connected like they should be. The injury was gruesome, but Chance was otherwise in good health and spirits.

Veterinarians at SJACC made sure Chance was comfortable by giving him pain medications along with antibiotics to fight infection. The vets bandaged and splinted Chance’s leg and changed it daily while waiting for an owner to come to the shelter and claim him. The wet-to-dry bandages also served to clean out the wound from dirt, debris, and dead tissue, allowing fresh tissue to take over.

Chance - Leg Injury from Hit By Car After Wet-To-Dry Bandages

Chance – Leg Wound After Repeated Wet-to-Dry Bandages Following Injury from Hit-by-Car Incident.

Chance - Injured Leg Bandaged and Splinted

Chance – Injured Leg Bandaged and Splinted

When no one came in to claim Chance as their dog, the vets had a decision to make.

Due to the nature and extent of Chance’s injury, the leg was not able to be saved. The vets decided that rather than euthanizing Chance, they would remove the injured leg and Chance would live out the rest of his days as a “tri-pawd,” a lifestyle he had already become accustomed to.

Chance - Post-Op Leg Amputation with Soaker Catheter

Chance – Post-Op Leg Amputation with Soaker Catheter

The medical team at SJACC took Chance to surgery and Dr. Ostermann removed the injured leg (along with neutering him). After the surgery, Chance spent the night at the home of one of the veterinarians and on IV pain medications before returning to the shelter the next day. He spent a few weeks with an e-collar on while healing from his surgery, yet still going out for walks thanks to the shelter’s amazing volunteers!

Chance - Healing from Leg Amputation

Chance – Healing from Leg Amputation

Chance - Healed from Leg Amputation

Chance – Healed from Leg Amputation

Once the incision from the surgery healed, the medical team removed Chance’s e-collar and put him up for adoption.

Chance - Up for Adoption! Photo copyright: SJACC.

Chance – Up for Adoption! Photo copyright: SJACC.

Fortunately, Chance didn’t spend much time waiting to be adopted! He’s now out of the shelter and enjoying a happy life as a tri-pawd in his new loving home!

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